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Times change. In years gone by getting a new key for your car was as easy as topping by the auto parts store or cutting one yourself at the hardware store. And if you locked the keys in the car, a coat hanger was all you needed. 

Door locks could be repaired by anyone with a modicum of mechanical skills. And even the changing of an ignition switch, and providing new keys, was a relatively straightforward process that could be performed by a basic garage mechanic. 

But as with so many things the skills needed by the automotive locksmith have changed rather dramatically these past few years. Automotive locksmiths now need to have extensive training. They also require an array of expensive specialized equipment to deal with the complex security and ignition systems of modern vehicles.

The modern automotive locksmith needs to know how to work with and repair different types of locks and keys. These include old school mechanical locks as well as state of the art electronic, transponder, smart, and remote systems. 

Each of these systems has its own distinctive features that present unique challenges. And each of these systems requires different specialized tools and techniques to open a vehicle or duplicate keys. 

For example, transponder keys have a chip inside that communicates with the car’s computer. And smart keys use wireless signals to start the engine. As a result, automotive locksmiths need to have the right equipment to program these keys and to sync them with the vehicle.

Secondly, automotive technology is in a near constant state of transition. And so, training never ends for the modern locksmith if they want to keep up with the latest technology and trends in the automotive industry. 

As the speed of automotive evolution escalates, they become ever more sophisticated. And that requires the automotive locksmith to have access to databases and an array of software that provide them with the codes and as well as the information they need to unlock or rekey different models and brands of cars.

But there is one skill set needed by automotive locksmiths in years gone by, and today. They need a lot of patience as well as problem-solving abilities. Sometimes, the modern locksmith will encounter situations that are not straightforward or easy to handle, such as damaged locks, lost keys, or malfunctioning systems. 

They need to be able to diagnose the issue and find the best solution without causing any damage to the vehicle or compromising its security. They also need to be able to work under pressure and alleviate the concerns of customers who are stressed or frustrated.

Being an automotive locksmith is not a simple job. It requires a lot of training, equipment, and expertise. But when you call for a locksmith from A & G Towing, Inc. in Bullhead City, Arizona, you are assured that we can provide personalized and professional service.